Yamaha YXZ Full Tilting Windshield

Yamaha YXZ Full Tilting Windshield
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Non Scratch Resistant Windshield:

We manufacture this windshield from polycarbonate (Lexan) that is 3/16”, 10 yr. U.V. protection and impact resistant, even at -40°F. To prolong the life of your windshield follow cleaning instructions.

Scratch Resistant Windshield:

We manufacture this windshield from 1/4″ Poly-carbonate/Lexan AR (scratch resistant) material that is double sided. There is not a tougher coating.10 yr. U.V. protection and impact resistant, even at -40°F. Harder to Scratch and Easier to clean.

•Our full windshield gives you the best of both worlds. Half when you want more fresh air and full when you need to stay warm and dry. Secures tightly in down position for towing and riding.
•Fitted to body with minimal gaps. Includes bottom trim molding to protect body and all mounting hardware. •For those of you with hard tops, we custom size to your exact top at no additional charge so your windshield will tilt up and down with no problems. For those of you with a soft top, we reverse the top bend so your top goes over the top of windshield. This ensures when you slam on the brakes, you won’t get a lap full of water. •Made in America

*If you have a hard top I need you to take 1 measurement so we get your height correct and ship your windshield. Go to where the roll bar enters plastic (see images). Start at that point and follow the roll bar up to the bottom lip of hardtop ( It is easier to put tape backwards so it will follow bend) and send me that measurement. I will take care of the rest. We need windshield to clear hardtop, so it can tilt up and down.

** Please see cleaning instructions on our website and install instructions that are provided to prolong life of windshield.** **We do not accept returns if the protective coating has been removed. For installation peel protective coating back just past the holes only until you have verified everything fits.****5 year Warranty Covers yellowing, discoloring or breaking due to manufacturer defects, DOES NOT Cover scratches or breaking, due to misuse, abuse, and not following proper care procedures. **

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