Universal Axle Bag & Dust Cover

Universal Axle Bag & Dust Cover
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  • Item #: 10-0001

Designed for the rigors of off-road, this Axle Bag is constructed of an extremely tough, water-resistant ballistic nylon material. Extra large plastic zippers make it easy to access the vital components inside even when you are wearing gloves. Also featuring a built-in list of required tools and basic installation instructions, this bag will take the guesswork out of making the swap in the field. Developed to protect your spare axle and easily take it with you on the trails or mount to your vehicle, this bag is a no brainer. Breaking things is inevitable, so be prepared.  Keep your spare axles dry and protected with this setup... and save yourself that long walk back!


  • Constructed from heavy duty water resistant ballistic nylon material
  • Extra large plastic zipper for longevity in dirty environments
  • List of required tools and basic installation instructions sewn inside bag
  • Fits axle shafts for nearly all Side-X-Side models
  • Extra padding and layers at each end to prevent axles from pushing and poking through
  • Opens on one end of bag
  • Light weight and machine washable

10-0001 Universal

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