Teryx 4 -17 1/2" Half Windshield Mar-Resistant

Teryx 4 -17 1/2" Half Windshield Mar-Resistant
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  • Item #: B0081SC0LU

Kawasaki Teryx 4 Seater 17 1/2" Half Windshield Premium double sided Mar-Resistant windshield. Harder to scratch and easier to clean. Made in America

•We are using 1/4" Poly-carbonate/Lexon AR (scratch resistant) double sided none tougher coating. •Fitted to body with minimal gaps. Includes bottom trim molding to protect body and all mounting hardware. •Tallest half windshield on the market 17 1/2". Custom sized to your exact specs at no additional charge. Let us know if you want shorter when ordering. •5 Year Replacement Warranty. Made in America If you want windshield shorter, please let us know when ordering.

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