Surface Mount Iphone / Ipod touch / nano / Handheld GPS

Surface Mount Iphone / Ipod touch / nano / Handheld GPS
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Surface mount your Iphone, Ipod Touch, Handheld GPS, or Ipod Nano with these unique mounts .

Features an adjustable silicone strap and embossed rubber backing plate so that your accessory stays put in the most demanding off road environment. The backing plate is also recessed in the center so that GPS systems with curved backing plates will not rattle.

Comes with 2 straps so you can asjust theis mount for a custom fit around your device

GUARATEED TO HOLD YOUR PHONE / GPS IN ALL CONDITIONS (yes even on a dirt bikes handlebars)

This versatile mount can be mounted on the dash, inside the glove box, on top of the center console, virtually any surface that you can tighten a nut on the backside.

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