Speed WildCat XX Rugged Radio Intercom Kit

Speed WildCat XX Rugged Radio Intercom Kit
  • Item #: RRP660PLUS

Speed SXS and Rugged Radios have partnered together to make your buying and installation of your WildCat XX Intercom, Radio, and Dash Plate the simplest and cleanest in the power sports industry.  

The kit comes pre assembled as show in the images. The Dash Plate is not just wired for the radio and intercom, but it is also pre wired for your helmet connection and car to car: push to talk.  A first in the industry for installation, we have reduced the instal time from 4 hours to 10 minutes. Adding  ease of use to the consumer, there are no additional wires to run through your car keeping everything clean and secure.

There are two options for your intercom the RRP360 or the RRP660 Plus.  The RRP660 Plus is Bluetooth Capable, and has the ability to control squelch. The RRP660 Plus allows you to connect your phone and music into your helmets or headsets. The RRP360 has an open mike, and is not bluetooth capable.  

Both kits include Radio/Intercom Audio Filter, Speed SXS Power Harness, Helmet to Dash Extension Cable, WildCat XX in dash mounting kit, RM 60 VHF 60 Watt Car To Car, Offroad Helmet kit.


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