Sound Armor - Waterproof Wired Bluetooth Controller

Sound Armor - Waterproof Wired Bluetooth Controller
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  • Item #: AU51072
The Pro Armor team recognizes that great sound should be available in any vehicle and not be overly complicated! The Bluetooth™controller makes it easy to add audio to your SxS’s, boats, and/or motorcycles.
The AU51072 wired Bluetooth™ controller is designed to utilize all of the media in a customer’s Bluetooth enabled device. With simple installation to an amplifier or OEM aux input and Secure Simple Pairing, customers will be in and out of the installation bay in no time.

» Large Rubber Buttons

» Water and Dust Resistant

» Operate with riding gloves

» Power and Ground
» Connect Audio Cable to  Amp (optional) or aux input
» Controller Mount

» Auto BT pairing out of the box
» SSP - Secure Simple Pairing
» Voice Confirmations

***Pro Armor Bluetooth Controller is not needed when purchasing Pro Armor Sound bars, Sound bars have built in Bluetooth***


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