Slasher Products UTV 4-Point Restraint Black

Slasher Products UTV 4-Point Restraint Black
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UTV riders understand how important safety is, especially when the trail turns rough. Using Slasher’s UTV 4-Point Safety Restraints are a great way to increase ride security and make sure everyone comes back safe.

The restraints themselves are made of heavy-duty nylon that provides strength and pressure dispersion while steel hardware holds everything together. The 4-point system keeps riders firmly planted in their seat and is secured to the UTV by way of the frame, a harness bar, or pre-existing attachment point. These attachment points make for an easy and straight-forward installation that won’t leave anyone second-guessing their safety. The Slasher 4-Point Restraint is designed to be as universal as possible though some models of UTV may require additional hardware to mount properly.

The Slasher 4-Point Safety Restraint is the best choice for a UTV harness if you want safety without sacrifice.

  • Designed for universal fitment
  • Sold per seat
  • Easy installation and removal of previous belts
  • Secure to frame and existing attachment points
  • Straps are available in 2" or 3"
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