Ryfab RZR Cargo Box (black/silver)
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If you want storage for your UTV that is spacious, tough, and secure, the Ryfab Aluminum Cargo Storage Box will be close to perfect.

Made from a strong but lightweight aluminum tread bright, this storage box makes no sacrifices in durability or convenience. Ample space is provided to easily fit anything from riding gear, to supplies, to coolers all at once. Yet, it is light enough that the entire box can be lifted out when you need to clean or rearrange. You won’t have to worry about your box’s contents since the tight sealing lid and push-button locking latch keep both dust and potential thieves away from your things. And the box itself won’t go anywhere thanks to the four Polaris Lock and Ride fasteners that secure it to the UTV bed. When you’re ready to load your gear up, the lid will hold itself up thanks to the equipped shock which means no more smashed fingers.

Get some straightforward, solid storage with Ryfab’s Aluminum Cargo Storage Box.

  • Shock equipped to hold lid open
  • Lockable push-button latch
  • Lightweight aluminum tread bright
  • Lid seals tightly
  • Secured with 4 Polaris Lock and Ride fasteners


  • RZR 900 XP, 1000 XP, 570, 800
  • Balck or silver
  • Add on a rack for a small addition
  • Item #: S5B

Ryfab RZR Cargo Box (black/silver)

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