Rhino Laminated Safety Glass Windshield with Wiper

Rhino Laminated Safety Glass Windshield with Wiper
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  • Item #: 10525

Yamaha Rhino Laminated Safety Glass Windshield

  • 1/4" thick laminated safety glass.
  • Can easily be removed with six thumbscrews.
  • Louvers along the bottom help reduce fogging and drafts.
  • Powder Coated Black metal frame for superior protection.
  • Hand operated windshield wiper.
  • No drilling required.
  • Made in Cleveland, Ohio.


    This windshield is made from laminated safety glass like most automotive windshields. It features a metal frame that can easily be removed with 6 thumbscrews. The hand operated wiper can be operated from the drivers or passengers seat. The louvers along the bottom allow a little airflow to keep the windshield from fogging and eliminate the draft from behind, common with most full windshields.

    It will work with most tops on the market, including our #10531 as seen in the pictures.

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