RZR Tinted Half Windshield with "Fast Straps"

RZR Tinted Half Windshield with "Fast Straps"
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  • Item #: EMP-10228

RZR Tinted Half Windshield (HARD COATED ON BOTH SIDES)

  • Fits: 2012-2016 RZR 570, 2008-2014 RZR 800, 2011-2014 RZR XP900, 2009-2014 RZR-S, 2010-2014 RZR-4, 2012-2014 RZR XP900-4, and 2013-2014 RZR JAGGED X Edition.
  • 3/16" Thick Hard Coated Polycarbonate (not Acrylic like others).
  • Includes: (4) Quick Connect Clamps.
  • Rubber Gasket along bottom to protect hood.


    This windshield is made from scratch resistant polycarbonate, while others are made from an inexpensive Acrylic that will scratch much easier. Half windshields are a good alternative in muddy or dusty conditions when a full windshield would become dirty and obstruct the driver's view. Our quick connect clamps allow you to easily remove your windshield without tools, and the windshield also can easily be stored behind your seats. We leave the Polycarbonate Manufactures protective coating on until you get it, this way you can easily read that it is Polycarbonate.

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