ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Cargo Straps

ROK Straps Motorcycle Adjustable Cargo Straps
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ROK™ Straps offer a new level of durability, strength and safety in the tied down elastic luggage straps and cargo strap market. Whether you need to carry light cargo for recreation, such as a leather jacket on the handlebars of your motorcycle, or heavier items like a ladder on your car roof rack, ROK™ Straps has the right tie down elastic strap to suit you. Say farewell to unsightly bungee straps. Say goodbye and good riddance to hazardous tie down shock cords. The ROK™ tie down straps will altogether change your perception about securing cargo. Strong, durable, stylish and safe, these tie down straps will become an integral part of your lifestyle.

  • Stretches from 18" to 60" x 1".
  • Sturdy long lasting material.
  • Easy to adjust to any cargo.
  • No hooks – safe adjustable.
  • Quick release buckle for easy cargo access.
  • Constant tension – Shock cord ensures that load doesn’t shift.
  • Sold in pairs.
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