Maverick 1000 Turbo Rear Bumper

Maverick 1000 Turbo Rear Bumper
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  • Item #: 693-3738-00
Maverick 1000 Turbo Rear Bumper

Will fit the 2014-2016 Maverick 1000 turbo model only.


We take pride in building not only the best looking, but also the most durable bumpers  on the market. Add style and toughness to your machine with product. Couple this  product with the matching front bumper (product # 693-3734-00)  and be the envy of your entire crew!                                                                                      

Features include: 

  • 1 3/4" 16 guage round tube

  • 11 guage sheet metal brackets

  • textured powder coat finish for superior protection

  • hand welded components

  • easy frame  mounted installation

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