Honda Pioneer 14" Scratch Resistant Half Windshield

Honda Pioneer 14" Scratch Resistant Half Windshield
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Honda Pioneer 14" Scratch Resistant Half Windshield (DOES NOT FIT HONDA PIONEER 500 2015)

HONDA PIONEER HALF WINDSHIELD 14" TALL. FREE SHIPPING & 5 YEAR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY! We are happy to make a custom shorter size for you at no additional charge! If you want to custom size, we start our measurement from where roll bar enters plastic. Please let us know when ordering if you want shorter otherwise we will send standard height. We are using 1/4" Poly-carbonate Makrolon(r) AR double sided none tougher coating., 10 yr. U.V. protection and impact resistant, even at -40 & deg F.

All of our windshields are tight fitting to the body. We also make our windshields wide so it overlaps the roll bar half way on both sides making it more rigid and again, no gaps. Resting it on the bars like we do combined with the front support bracket makes our windshield more convex, most are con-caved making a terrible glare. We also give them a nice rounded edge; I know I want my bike to look sharp.

Each windshield includes the following: Body molding around the bottom to protect your bike. 2 brackets that mount on the inside of your bike, and to bottom of the windshield.& 6 rubber brackets to secure your windshield to roll bar. We also include stainless nuts, bolts and lock washers. Are all these things necessary? I think so, I designed the 1st several for myself and I am a picky bugger and wanted it to not move, no matter how crazy I may get. It is designed to be easy to work with as well. We also include instructions.

Each windshield is individually made so we can custom size your windshield at no additional cost. So tell us how tall you want the half windshield and it will be on it way to you in 3 business.

My company has been is business for 15 years with the same name. We have used lexan extensively over this time manufacturing various products and have used our experience to build the perfect, tight fitting, light weight, strong windshields. All of our windshields come with a 5 yr. Warranty against yellowing, discoloring or breaking due to manufactured defects. We are that Confident! All orders are shipped out within 3 business days of order confirmation.

UTV Windshields and Accessories we take pride in what we offer to our customers. As the saying goes around here "If we won't use it, we won't sell it!" We offer competitive pricing and higher quality. Compare our windshield to any of our competitors and you will find ours fits tighter, rattle proof and all corners and cuts and rounded. We back up our UTV windshields with a 5 year written warranty! I want you to be happy with your purchase! Positive feedback always returned promptly. Contact me for questions and support. Returns accepted within 14 days and must be returned in new condition. Buyer pays all return shipping. Protective plastic must still be factory attached on returns.

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