Dragonfire LED On / Off Switches
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When running accessories on a Side-X-Side most people will put them on a switch so they can save the battery when not in use. DragonFire has developed a line of switches that are perfect for off road abuse and they look cool too! Several different styles to choose from and a universal size setup makes these switches the best possible fit for your Side-X-Side.



  • LED back light for night riding (not used in all switches)
  • Designed with off road abuse in mind
  • Common size will fit most panels (can be flush mounted in dash)
  • Different color options for organization 
  • Grip button for ease of use while in rough terrain 
  • Switches designed to handle a maximum of 20 amps
  • Sold individually
  • Item #: 04-0024

Dragonfire LED On / Off Switches

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