Dragon Claws Harness Strap Retainers

Dragon Claws Harness Strap Retainers
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There is no secret that running 4 point harnesses is a great safety measure. However, if you are running those harnesses with stock seats there is a chance that you have come upon the issue of your harness straps sliding around. This is not only annoying but this issue can be dangerous if they are to slide off of your shoulders! DragonFire has got the solution; the Dragon Claw harness strap retainers have been designed to lock onto the bar behind your seats and over your straps keeping them securely in place. Built with CNC billet aluminum and anodized for style these Dragon Claws look as good as they work. Please note that the DragonClaws are available for fitment with 1.5" or 1.25" tube diameter size.


  • Sold in a set (2) which will outfit 1 seat properly
  • Keeps harnesses in proper position (adjustable)
  • Easy to install
  • Anodized in Black or Red
  • Available for use with 1.5" & 1.25" tube diameter sizes
  • Perfect for use with stock seats

*OEM Polaris RZR 900, 800 & 570 model roll cages: 2 seat RZR's require 1.5" DragonClaws for the rear cross bar and 4 seat RZR's require 1.25" for the front seats and 1.5" for the rear seats. Polaris Sportsman ACE requires 1.5"*


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