Can-Am Commander Rear Storage Box-RH (Lockable)

Can-Am Commander Rear Storage Box-RH (Lockable)
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  • Item #: 693-3716-00
Can-Am Commander Rear Storage Box-RH (Lockable)


Will fit: 2010-2016 Commanders

Will NOT fit: Mavericks



Commander dry storage containers are great for all your "on the go" needs. The boxes are molded to the exact fitting of the side of the bed and strapped into the hold down hooks, so no drilling is required. Storage containers can be removed in under 20 seconds for easy access to the lower storage compartment. See the video on for a quick demonstration. There is no need to transport your items from your side x side storage back into your home, vehicle, or anywhere else. Simply unstrap and take the container with you. This storage box comes with a key so that it can be locked and has a double hinged lid to prevent any warping.


The 693-3716-00 container is for the passenger side.

  • Storage box comes with a key to lock
  • Right side only
  • Will NOT fit Mavericks

The 693-3717-00 is the drivers side storage container.

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