Axle Bag

Axle Bag
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  • Item #: E69

Can Store:

  • RZR Axles
  • Can-Am Axles
  • Yamaha Axles
  • WildCat Axles

On race day, spare axles are always bouncing around the bed of the chase truck. So PRP created this storage bag to easily store and protect two UTV axles. Keeps things a lot more organized in the pits, and can even be attached to the race vehicle (strap it down over the spare tire, or behind the seats).

The bag is made from durable and waterproof Cordura, with foam inserts holding the axles securely in place inside the bag. Holds all stock size UTV axles and most long-travel axles.

  • Can store RZR, WildCat, CanAm, or YXZ axles
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