Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Half Windshield 12" Tall

Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Half Windshield 12" Tall
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Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Half Windshield 12" Tall *MADE IN USA*

Nicest Wildcat Trial windshield on the market and allows you to use hood compartment. We manufacture our windshields from poly-carbonate (Lexan) that is 3/16”, 10 yr. U.V. protection and impact resistant, even at 40°F. All of our windshields are tight fitting to the body. No gaps! We also make our windshields wide so it overlaps the roll bar half way on both sides making it more rigid. Resting it on the bars like we do, combined with the tight body fit, makes our windshield convex. Most manufacturers make their windshields con-caved which creates an unnecessary glare. We also give them a nice rounded edge; because, like you, I know I want my bike to look sharp! Each windshield includes the following: Body molding around the bottom to protect your bike. 4 clamps to secure to roll bar and we also include stainless steel nuts, bolts and lock washers. Are all these things necessary? I think so! I designed the 1st several models for myself (and I am a picky bugger!). I didn't want it to move, (no matter how crazy I may get!). We also include instructions to make it easy to work with as well. Each windshield is individually made so we can custom size your windshield at no additional cost. My company has been is business for 15 years with the same name. We have used lexan extensively over this time manufacturing various products and have used our experience to build the perfect, tight fitting, light weight, strong Wildcat Trail windshield. All of our windshields come with a 5 yr. Warranty against yellowing, discoloring or breaking. We are that Confident! . All orders are shipped out within 3 business days of order confirmation.

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