AXIA ALLOYS 9" Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror - 6" Long Arm

AXIA ALLOYS 9" Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror - 6" Long Arm
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  • Item #: MOD9PRVMEC

This is the long arm version of our 9" wide mirror. USE THIS WHEN THE MOUNTING BAR IS CLOSE TO THE DRIVERS HEAD. It is intended to mount with the arm pointing away from the driver.

The Axia Alloys 9” wide panoramic rearview mirror is the latest addition to our mirror line, and like it’s 17” wide big brother it offers a low distortion crystal clean view with its shatter resistant glass insert.

These mirrors are only convex in the horizontal direction so that your surroundings appear exactly where they are in relation to your vehicle. Competitors mirrors that are more drastically convex in the horizontal and vertical directions and can make objects appear much further away than they really are.

This mirror also offers adjustable mounting ball tension so that it can be tightened up for demanding off-road environments.

6" arms are recommended
Commander, Teryx, Rhino, Teryx 4

We offer a liftime warranty on all our mirrors. FREE REPLACEMENT of your mirror insert. Yes even if the little ones throw a rock at them, or the big kids try out their new welder next to them


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