5' LED Whip Light

5' LED Whip Light
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  • Item #: LGT00-003-3-K

5 Foot LED Whip Light 
Are you ready to crack the whip on your lighting style? Grab SuperATV’s 5-foot LED whip light to really jazz up your night. This one-of-a-kind light whip connects to your phone via Bluetooth to allow you to set it to any of 7 colors, and any brightness. You can even make your own custom flash patterns. Are you chasing down your friends and need to flash red and blue? You got it. Going for a Christmas ride and want to be a little more festive? Red and green all the way. You can even set it to flash along with your music. You have full control. 

This fiber optic light whip gives you continuous light all the way up and is far more durable than a multi LED light whip. Bend it, smack it, or whip it on the trail with no risk to losing light. It’s designed for off-roading after all. And when you’re putting your ride back on the trailer at the end of the day you can leave the tools behind—the quick disconnect lets you take it off in an instant. 

These whip lights are more than just pretty lights—they keep you visible when you're dune riding or night riding. Some parks even require light whips for night riding. No more loosing your buddies in the dark! 

Each kit contains a single whip light.


  • Bright fiber optic light whip
  • Control brightness, color, and flash pattern with your phone via Bluetooth
  • Super strong-super flexible
  • Quick disconnect is easy and convenient
  • Choose from 7 colors
  • 5 feet tall: tall enough to be awesome, not so tall that it wears out the mounting prematurely
  • Price is for 1 whip ligh

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