2" Lift Kit for Polaris Ranger 900

2" Lift Kit for Polaris Ranger 900
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  • Item #: PLK900R-00
Bigger. Badder. BOLDER. Take your ATV to the edge with High Lifter’s 2” Lift Kit.  Increase your ground clearance and make room for larger tires to dig deep and ride hard in most any terrain.  Our engineers and staff have spent over 15 years perfecting the ultimate ATV lift kit.  The product?  An easy-to-install, bolt-on lift that consistently measures truer over competitor products.

The High Lifter 2” Lift Kit relocates the shock mounts to provide additional lift making room for larger tires and tightens suspension.  Each Lift Kit part  is precision cut and zinc plated for durability and reliability in any environment.

2” Lift Kit Features:

·         All hardware needed for successful installation 
·         User-friendly instructions
·         Bolt-on application; takes approximately 1-2 hours for install
·         Zinc plated
·         Front and rear lift

NOTES: This lift kit will not fit any 2016 570 Full Size Ranger with front strut suspension.
This lift kit will not fit the Polaris Ranger Northstar Edition.
This lift kit will work with the High Lifter Edition Ranger with up to 32.5" tires. There will be slight rubbing when it's fully compressed in a hard turn left or right.

Tire Fitment: 
Polaris Ranger 900 XP 2 seater - Up to 27" 
Polaris Ranger 900 XP Crew - Up to 27" 
Our stated tire fitment guide is a general fitment and is in no way guaranteed.  Tires and lifts vary by manufacture and tire fitment can be affected by other modifications.  Always verify your brand of tires, lift, and other modifications prior to making a buying decision. 

Note: 1.5" spacers are required in the rear if you are running factory Ranger 900 steel wheels. If running factory Ranger 900 aluminum wheels or aftermarket aluminum wheels then spacers are not required.
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